Training build up for the third time

Aiming for new goals

It hasn't been the easiest getting back into training again. A week after 10mila in mid-May, I got sick for the third time. Almost like my immune system has been completely broken. However, I now believe and hope that my body is back on track. I feel like I have done what I could - eaten and slept a lot. It also means that I'm skipping all races until mid-August at the earliest. Thereby I'll miss the World Cup in the Czech Republic, for which I didn't run the qualifying races either. I'm not taking any more chances.

Only a few days into the training build up, I got problems in my achilles tendon and had to stop after 6x1000m in 3:28min/km - hopeless really. Fortunately, I think I stopped early enough that it will only be a short time with this Achilles problem. I stopped running early on and have been lucky that Daniel Graversgaard from Aarhus Osteopathy has been able to help me with treatment. Daniel is skilled and has also helped me in the past. 

In the past two weeks I have been on the crosstrainer a lot, and I am slowly starting to replace more and more of the time on the crosstrainer with running. And hopefully, it will be no more crosstraining in a while.

Thinking whether a new sickness is around the corner or if I can finally get in a good block of training.

Next goal?

In the beginning of October, the EOC (European Orienteering Champs) in sprint will be held in Veneto, Italy. I've missed a lot of the previous championships and World Cups, so I'm really hoping to be selected for EOC and perform well there. In the period leading up to it, there will be two selection races for that I will be running.

I've never run sub 14min for 5000m and that continues to annoy me. So if there is a good 5000m race at the end of August or during September, please let med know. At the moment, I don't know if there will be any good 5000m races that late in the season this year.